New research released from ALDI Australia today reveals that despite cost of living remaining top of mind, half of all Aussies (49%) are still planning to celebrate BIG this Christmas. Yet, the vast majority (80%) say they will be looking at ways to make their budget stretch further.  

With Aussies saying that they’re looking for ways to save this Christmas, ALDI’s Managing Director Jordan Lack is surprised that the research shows only one in four (23%) are considering switching their supermarket as a strategy to save precious dollars this Christmas:  

“Although half of the population are still planning to celebrate big this Christmas, they’re doing so with one eye fixed on their back pocket. Aussies deserve to be able to go big on the little things this Christmas and by shopping at ALDI they can. We will not be beaten on the cost of your weekly shop and that extends to our 2023 Christmas offering,” Mr Lack said.  

This data release shows that over three quarters of Aussies (76%) confirm that they expect the cost of their grocery shop will increase by up to 75 per cent in the lead up to Christmas, and a further 7 per cent saying their grocery costs would more than double. With this data in mind, ALDI’s Christmas affirmation of their Price Promise is a welcome commitment to Aussies at the checkout.   

Mr Lack says that ALDI’s Price Promise is resonating, for three consecutive quarters, ALDI has seen the number of people coming to its stores grow (Q3 +2.6% YoY) as well as the number of times they visit the stores increase (Q3 transactions +2.5% YoY). 

“Our latest research confirms that more and more Australian shoppers are looking for ways to be savvy with their spending as we head into one of the most expensive times of the year. The proof is in the pudding that our Price Promise is resonating, as we’ve seen a consistent trend of more customers walking through our doors, each quarter, as an increasing number of Australians are turning to ALDI for our exclusive range of high-quality products,” Mr Lack continued.   

By making the switch to ALDI this Christmas, shoppers can share in the $3.1 billion savings ALDI delivered its customers in 2022 alone, through its low-price, high-quality model — meaning Australians can have that mince pie and eat it too.  

While saving is top of mind, it’s clear that Aussies are not willing to lose out on top quality products. More than 4.7 million Aussies agree (24%) that they need to save money on groceries but do not want to compromise on quality this Christmas.   

“We are about saving customers money – but savings are only worthwhile if the quality is there. Our products, from double-smoked Christmas hams and Australian Tiger Prawns through to cherries, mangoes, and mince pies are curated to deliver exceptional quality while delivering extraordinary value for money. Our quality, matched with our price point, is why customers have voted us Supermarket of the year six times in a row in Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer Awards,” Mr Lack says.   

Australians looking for quality this Christmas need only look to ALDI. The supermarket has been recognised for not one, but two ‘Supermarket of the Year’ awards, having recently received honours from Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer Awards (for the sixth year in a row), and Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards (for the third year in a row).   


It’s a holly, jolly Christmas – a savings time of year?  

When it comes to the spending and saving habits Aussies will be implementing to get bang for their buck this Christmas, the common thread that emerges is that Aussie shoppers are looking for value.  

The most common way Aussies will be making their budget stretch further is shopping around for the best deals on gifts (37%). This is closely followed by proof that the early bird does indeed get the savings, with 36 per cent of shoppers starting their shop earlier to spread out Christmas purchases. Aussies are even spreading the foodie-love with one in five (18%) asking friends and family to bring a dish on the big day to save money.   

Who shops, what?  

The research reveals close to nine in ten (87%) Aussies say their overall spending goes up during the Christmas festive season compared to the rest of the year. Close to a half (48%) of these Aussies tend to spend on presents and gifting the most, while a third (34%) say spending on food and drink is where they see the biggest increases. One in ten (10%) say socialising (e.g., going out to bars and restaurants) is the area they tend to spend the most while a small proportion (8%) tend to spend on Christmas decorations the most.  

Women (55%) are more likely than men (41%) to identify presents and gifting are where they tend to spend the most money during the festive season, while men (10%) are twice as likely as women (5%) to spend the most on Christmas decorations. Let the Christmas lights competition begin!  

There’s always room at the Christmas table   

The research reveals although half of the population is still planning to celebrate big this Christmas (49%), guest lists for Christmas day are quite exclusive. The average Aussie Christmas is one of seven guests, with Christmas tables around the country skewing small:  

  • 5 or less people (28%)  
  • 6-10 people (19%)  
  • 11-15 people (6%)
  • more than 15 guests (4%)  
  • not hosting Christmas, taking the easy way out and going to someone else’s place (43%). Jordan Lack suggests bringing something from the Curated Collection range as a ‘thanks for the invite’ gift.   


Data references  

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 1035 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 12th – 16th October 2023. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Australian adults (aged 18+). 

 ALDI business data credited to Circana Shopper Panel, Grocery Market, QTR to 08/10/2023