The results are in, ALDI has won Supermarket of the Year 2021 in Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards for the fifth time.

“We are thrilled to have once again been named Australia’s Best Supermarket of the Year by Roy Morgan.

At a time when many are feeling the pinch, this recognition and acknowledgement only further cements the importance of our commitment and mission to continue to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices in the market,” said Simon Padovani-Ginies, Group Director, ALDI Australia.

Roy Morgan’s customer satisfaction ratings are calculated from an annual survey of 50,000 Australians – the world’s most comprehensive ongoing single source survey. Covering 40 categories across all industries, the yearly award is presented to the organisation from each category with the highest number of top monthly ratings for customer satisfaction throughout the previous 12 months.

It’s not just in-store where Australians are enjoying their experience, ALDImobile has also been awarded the top spot as Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year 2021.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine congratulated ALDI for its dual success in Roy Morgan’s Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards: “ALDI has out-performed its rivals by delivering the highest customer satisfaction throughout 2021 to take out both the Supermarket of the Year and Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year Awards for the second straight year. ALDI Supermarkets won nine monthly awards during 2021 and with an average customer satisfaction of over 95% couldn’t be matched in taking out their fifth win in the Annual Award. The high level of customer satisfaction for the two ALDI brands is matched by the high level of trust people have in ALDI – consistently one of Australia’s most trusted”.

ALDI has previously won Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards for “Supermarket of the Year” in 2020, 2016, 2014 and 2012, for “Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year” in 2020, 2019 and 2015, and for “Liquor Store of the Year” in 2017.