Just when you thought nothing could quite compete with the allure of the Special Buys aisle – ALDI Australia has announced a VERY SPECIAL competition to celebrate shoppers’ dedication, enthusiasm and passion for all things ALDI.

In a first for ALDI Australia, the most #ALDIcore Aussie shopper will win three years’ worth of ALDI groceries to spend as they please, with five additional runners-up prizes for one years’ worth of groceries up for grabs. For ALDI’s weekly shoppers, or knopper-can’t-stoppers, entering to win is as easy as living your true ALDIcore life. From a twist to an ALDI recipe, a Special Buy you can’t live without or tip, trick or hack you think everyone needs to know – show or tell us how #ALDIcore you are for your chance to win via aldicore.com.au or by tagging @ALDI.Australia and using the hashtag #ALDIcore on TikTok or @ALDIAustralia on Insta and Facebook. Full details can be found here.

Simon Padovani-Ginies, Group Director, ALDI Australia, says you can always count on ALDI customers to share their must-have-buys and best kept secrets and ALDI is excited to reward that enthusiasm for ALDI’s Good Different shopping experience.

ALDI has never been more aware of the need to continue to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Every day our business is focused on this and centred around delivering the best value for our customers. It’s part of our DNA, its who we are.

We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate our customers who have Good Different in their DNA. We’re a different shopping experience and we are proud of the value we deliver to our customers every day – in that spirit we all know a person at a family barbeque or in our social media feeds who are also proud to be an ALDI shopper. Sharing the products they can’t live without, hacks that make them the masters of the checkout, or even stashing trolley token in every single handbag. That’s #ALDIcore. We know of customers who come into our stores every day, throw ALDI themed birthday parties, wear our ALDImania streetwear to their kids’ soccer matches and generally rep ALDI. That’s #ALDIcore.”

We enjoy seeing and hearing all the creative ways our customers get their Good Different on and we are thrilled to share our largest giveaway ever with them. We can’t wait to hear what people will share with us, that makes them truly #ALDIcore – after all if you want to know if someone shops with ALDI? Don’t worry they will tell you!”  Simon Padovani-Ginies said.

This competition comes as ALDI continues to pass on the savings to shoppers, delivering $3.4 billion in savings to Australians in 2023. On top of savings, ALDI’s quality and value offerings have seen ALDI named best supermarket by Roy Morgan for four consecutive years, among hundreds of other supermarket awards since opening in 2001.

If you think you live, breathe and dream the Good Different lifestyle best (or know someone who does), show how ALDI-to-the-core you are to win the biggest ever ALDI prize – free groceries for three years.

That’s $300 per week for six devoted shoppers to spend on their most loved ALDI products! With the average Aussie household spending $258 per week on groceries (Finder, 2024), each of the six chosen winners’ $300 per week prize will go a long way at ALDI, Australia’s most affordable supermarket.

“I had a marvelous day. I was absolutely gob smacked when I saw the limousine and the people! Everyone was so nice to me. I’m not a person who can walk just for the sake of walking, but I do come to ALDI every day because it gives me a purpose.” – Phyllis

“I am obsessed with Knoppers and love ALDI, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect ALDI to surprise me with a dress that feels like I could pass as Lady Knopperington on Bridgerton! It’s couture, but make it ALDIcore” – Anastasia

“My husband and I won ALDI’s first ever competition in their promotion of their ALDImania range! It was a ’25 words or less, tell us how you would wear your new fit’. My answer was, ‘I love ALDI, my fiancé loves ALDI, we’re getting married in May and we’ll wear it at our reception!’ And they went OVER and above with an ALDI embroidered veil and Mr & Mrs sweaters plus 2 bottles of ALDI’s champagne. WE LOVE ALDI Australia!” – Amy

Visit ALDIcore.com.au for more details, terms and conditions.

*Prize value has been devised off the average weekly household (2 adults, 2 children) grocery expenditure recorded by Finder.