From Wednesday 22nd February, ALDI will bring the bespoke Corner Store experience to Rosebery shoppers, opening a brand-new location in The Cannery.

Located at 85 Dunning Ave Rosebery NSW 2018, the store is custom built to provide unrivalled convenience to customers in high density, urban areas, stocking an extensive range of ready-to-go meals from sushi to sandwiches as well as artisan bakery items alongside ALDI’s low-priced grocery range.

Huw Longman, Director of ALDI Corner Stores says:  We are thrilled to be opening our brand-new Rosebery Corner Store in such a unique building, rich in history.  It was pivotal to ALDI that the design of this new store maintained the integrity and culture of The Cannery. Implementing our Corner Store format gave us the opportunity to utilise such a beautiful space which will provide both a modern and convenient shopping experience to the Rosebery community.”

ALDI’s Corner Stores have been designed to better meet the needs of our customers in high-density, urban areas. Shopping habits continue to evolve, and we are seeing a large audience of people who prefer shopping more frequently with a hyper-focus on convenience.  The ALDI Corner Store is designed purposefully to meet these needs, taking convenience and creativity, and combining it with the kind of quality and savings that only ALDI can offer.” 

Rosebery Corner Store Offering

The store leverages the generous natural light from the shape and design of The Cannery and boasts an innovative convenience lead layout offering visitors, simple navigation, modern interior designs, and self-checkouts.

At the artisan bakery, Rosebery shoppers can find Wild Origins artisan sourdough. Baked locally in New South Wales, the range highlights the product innovation unique to Corner Store, which combines modern convenience with the very best of New South Wales craftsmanship. The bakery boasts a wide variety of items from baguettes to berry muffins. Locals with sweet-tooths can rejoice at the selection of croissants and donuts, with ham and cheese and kalamata olive options for the more savoury inclined.

ALDI Corner Store’s First Historic Site

The new Corner Store will be the first to be located on a historic site. Once a soup factory, the almost hundred-year-old heritage-listed building is a hub for locals in the heart of Rosebery. In addition to the store’s historical significance, ALDI has commissioned a unique mural created by renowned local artist Andrew Dennis who has been creating visually impactful artwork dominated by his strong drawing style and bold use of colour for over 20 years.  For this piece, Andrew has drawn inspiration from the building’s origins as a cannery to create a captivating installation marrying its past and present function. 

Shoppers will be able to take home a piece of Andrew’s mural in the form of a first-of-its-kind shopping bag. Launching exclusively at the Rosebery store, the bag priced at 99c features a portion of Andrew’s mural adding a touch of style to the shopping experience.  

Artist Andrew Dennis says: My concept for the mural was to use historical references to the site, which was originally a Cannery and draw a relationship to the new repurposed site as an ALDI Corner Store. The result is a boldly coloured, mixture of foods contained within canned goods as well as unrelated decorative elements which is typical of my work.”

Rosebery Corner Store along with its 10-15 full and part-time employees will be open for business from 8:00am, so journey down to Dunning Ave and enjoy a unique curated experience courtesy of ALDI.

Address: 85 Dunning Ave

Opening Date: February 22

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday: 8am – 8pm
  • Thursday: 8am – 9pm
  • Friday- Sunday: 8am- 8pm

Hero Rosebery Corner Store Product List


  • Sourdough Rustic White 640g, $5.99
  • Sourdough Dark Rye 500g, $5.99
  • Sourdough Soy & Linseed 630g, $5.99
  • Sourdough Cracked Wheat 630g, $5.99
  • Sourdough Sprouted Rye 500g, $5.99
  • Sourdough Walnut & Raisin 610g, $5.99
  • Sourdough White Baguette 300g, $4.99
  • Sesame Burger Buns 4pk, 280g, $3.99
  • Croissant 1pk 70g, $3.99
  • Chocolate Croissant 1pk 85g, $3.99
  • Morning Bun 1pk 105g, $3.99
  • Berry Muffin 1pk 135g, $3.69
  • Pain aux Raisin 1pk 80g, $3.99
  • Ham & Cheese Sticks 3pk150g, $3.49
  • Cheese & Olive Sticks 3pk 150g, $3.49
  • Rock Salt Pretzel 1pk 115g, $3.99
  • Cheese Pretzel 1pk 140g, $3.99
  • Almond Croissant 1pk 140g, $4.69
  • Apple Turnover 1pk 100g, $4.69
  • Raspberry Donut 1pk 85g, $3.49
  • Pastel De Nata 1pk 90g, $3.99
  • Potato Buns 4pk 300g, $3.99
  • Kalamata Olive Sliced 685g, $6.99


  • Teriyaki Chicken Maki Sushi Roll (single), $2.99
  • Tuna Avocado Maki Sushi Roll (single), $2.99
  • Smoked Salmon Avocado Maki Sushi Roll (single), $2.99
  • Smoked Salmon Maki Twin Pack Roll, $5.49
  • Chicken Schnitzel Maki Twin Pack Roll, $5.49
  • Mixed Seafood Sushi & Nigiri 7 pack, $6.99
  • Sashimi Salmon & Cucumber 8 pack, $6.99
  • Chicken Rice Paper Roll (single), $2.99
  • Vegetarian Rice Paper Roll (single), $2.99

Sandwich and Wraps

  • Egg & Mayo Sandwich, $4.99
  • Egg & Lettuce Sandwich, $4.99
  • Tasty Cheese Tomato Sandwich, $4.99
  • Smoked Ham, Tasty Cheese & Dijon Sandwich, $5.99
  • Chicken BLT Sandwich, $5.99
  • Chicken, Lettuce & Avocado Sandwich, $5.99
  • Mixed Triple Sandwich, $6.99
  • Chicken Triple Sandwich, $6.99
  • Tandoori Wrap, $5.99
  • Peri Peri Wrap, $5.99

Salads and Dips

  • Carrot, Avocado Dip & Corn Chips 80g, $2.99
  • Apple, Cheese & Jatz Crackers 80g, $2.99
  • Carrot, Celery & Hommus Dip 90g, $2.99
  • Fresh Cut Fruit Salad 200g, $3.99
  • Fresh Cut Pineapple 200g, $3.29
  • Fresh Cut Watermelon & Mint 200g, $3.29
  • The Corner Store Kimchi Rice & Hot Smoked Salmon Salad Pot, 220g, $5.99
  • The Corner Store Katsu Chicken & Rice Salad Pot 220g, $5.99
  • The Corner Store Harissa Cous Cous & Sweet Potato Salad Pot 220g, $5.99
  • The Corner Store Pesto Chicken Risoni Salad Pot 220g, $5.99