Since the start of 2019, ALDI’s growth in the rosé category has more than doubled industry growth. While bubbles remain a fan favourite, this year we anticipate rosé to be a popular choice for celebrating the race that stops the nation. Our go-to for Melbourne Cup is our La Mule Rosé $10.99, a recent addition to our everyday range, and it’s not just the name that makes it fitting. The wine is fresh, dry and full of light, wild red fruits – a delightful way to enjoy race day.

We know our customers can’t get enough of rosé for all occasions, which is why this year we have increased our range to include 11 rosé wines to get you through the season of celebrating. Our rosés have been sourced from the best locations in Europe and Australia offering our customers world class wine at the nation’s lowest prices.

On sale between October and December, our rosé range has something to suit all tastes and drinking styles. One wine worth trying is the Jolie Sophia de la Rosé 2018 $9.99, a delicate pale pink rosé with an elegant fragrance of wild strawberries, citrus and fruits, available in stores now until stocks last. If you miss out, this rosé is back on sale again on Wednesday 11th December.

If a dry rosé is more your style, the Lavendette Provence Rosé 2018 $9.99 on sale Wednesday 30th October features rose petal and ripe raspberry aromas with a light spice. From the Provence region, you can enjoy a quality French rosé on race day without having to break the bank.

Available as part of our everyday range, our award-winning South Point Estate Rose $4.99 is one of the biggest rosés in the country, proving that it can be affordable to have a rosé moment all year round.

Other top picks for celebrating include our beautiful cut glass bottled Calvet Celebration Sparkling Brut or Sparkling Rosé $11.99, on sale from Wednesday 30th October until stocks last. If you’re looking for the perfect wine to share, there’s our L’Eclat 1990 Blanc De Blanc 1.5L Magnum $14.99 on sale now.

Here are some rosé fun facts from Jason Bowyer the Wine and Sparkling Buying Director at ALDI Australia:

  • Unlike Champagne, which must come from the Champagne region of France to be labelled “Champagne”, rosé isn’t from a specific grape or region. It’s a genre of wine, like red or white.
  • Rose gets its colour from the skin of red grapes, the final colour of which is determined by the amount of contact it has with these grapes and the temperature. Where some red wines ferment for weeks at a time on red grape skins, rose wines only touch the skins for a short time (a few hours). This process gives the rosé a fruity, floral flavour.
  • The biggest producers of rosé include France, Spain, Italy and the United States. However, some excellent rosé’s are heralding in South America (Chile and Argentina), and Australia is also leading wonderful change.
  • We continue to see growth in our rosé sales with seasonality declining and consumers drinking rosé year round, it’s even predicted to be more popular than Sauvignon Blanc in Australia within 10 years.
  • Although some reds get better with age, rosé is best drunk young and fresh, for example, no more than two or three years old, and best served chilled or over ice.
  • When thinking about dishes to pair your rose with this spring, think seafood, chicken or fruit salad.

Make ALDI your destination for celebrating this holiday season. Keep an eye out in store as the rest of our rosé range goes on sale between now and the end of the year – you’re sure to find the perfect drop!