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Occasions|10 Nov 2020

Introducing ALDI’s 2020 Christmas Hams

ALDI Australia
By ALDI Australia

A traditional Christmas staple, Aussies can’t go past a ham this silly season

Hams are the centre piece of any Christmas dining table, and this year we have been working closely with our business partners to ensure that we can continue to bring Aussie families high quality meat at the most affordable price this holiday season.

We know that convenience and quality are always key for our customers during the festive season. This year, we have kept our long-standing stress-free favourites, such as the Triple Smoked easy carve boneless ham portion and pre maple glazed ham portion, to prevent kitchen chaos and ensure you have more time to spend with family and friends.

We know that Aussies embrace variety at Christmas, often offering more than one protein, from  seafood to turkey and of course, ham, at their Christmas get-together – no matter the size. For those having a smaller Christmas this year, we are offering a quarter-leg ham portion – although we can’t promise there will be enough for those post-Christmas ham sandwiches!

Shop our affordable range, all in store now!

ALDI 2020 Christmas Hams

Berg Deli Australian Half Leg Ham

Made with 100% Australian pork, the Berg Deli Half Leg Ham on the Bone is cured with salt and a hint of honey, then twice smoked until golden brown.

Price: $8.99 per kg

Berg Deli Australian Leg Ham Portion

Made with 100% Australian pork, the Berg Deli quarter portion leg ham on the bone is cured with salt and a hint of honey, then twice smoked until golden brown. Perfect for those who are entertaining a smaller crowd this year!

Price: $10.49 per kg

Specially Selected Triple Smoked Ham Half Leg

This premium Specially Selected Australian grown half leg ham is cured, cooked and triple smoked with natural wood using traditional European methods.

Price: $11.99 per kg

Berg Deli Boneless Glazed Ham

The work is done for you! Maple flavoured glazed ham and naturally wood smoked without a bone.

Price: $16.99 per kg

Berg Deli Smoked Ham Portion

This delicious easy to carve boneless ham has been triple smoked using natural hardwood to create an enhanced smoked flavour.

Price: $ 16.99 per kg

Specially Selected Dry Cured Sliced Ham 150g

This distinctive ham offers a delicate texture and a richer flavour due to the unique preparation method where skilled artisans minimise the moisture content during the curing process. Using the finest Australian pork and finished with a delicate smoke, the outcome is an exceptional tasting ham.

Price: $4.99

Specially Selected San Daniele Prosciutto 85g

This thinly sliced Italian Prosciutto from the San Daniele village of Italy is aged for a minimum of 14 months using only the finest Italian pork legs and sea salt.

Price: $5.99

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