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Easter is almost here, which means your local ALDI store is filled to the rafters with a fantastic range of great value Easter treats.

We listened to customer feedback and recognised that our shoppers not only wanted Easter essentials such as hunting eggs, they also wanted to see a wider range of speciality products. From flavour infusions such as macadamia and honey through to vegan friendly options, we truly have something for everyone this Easter.

“This year we’re excited to bring our customers quality options at great prices. We have an amazing Easter range featuring affordable hunting eggs, giant bunnies and dairy free treats, through to more indulgent options such as our Truffle Eggs,” says Adam Millauro, Buying Director for Seasonal Chocolate at ALDI Australia.

“To bring our range to shelves, we worked with a number of Australian business partners on products including a select range of our Dairy Fine Chocolate Bunnies and dairy-free Sweet William Easter Eggs and Bunny. We sourced some of our more decadent treats that feature ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, including our Specially Selected Luxury Half Egg and Choceur Premium Decorated Rabbit, straight from Europe.”

Here are our favourite ALDI Easter treats for 2019:

Best value

Dairy Fine Big Bag Chocolate Eggs 500g $8.99

Classic, hollow Easter eggs wrapped in colourful foil. Perfect for Easter egg hunts, table displays and gifts.

Dairy Fine Easter Crate 15 pack 255g $4.99

Traditional Easter eggs made from delicious Australian milk chocolate. Hide them, gift them or fill them with Tiramisu to create a delicious Easter-themed dessert.

Dairy Fine Caramel Hunting Eggs 320g $4.99

What’s better than plain, milk chocolate eggs? Milk chocolate eggs with a thick caramel center, like these Dairy Fine Caramel Hunting Eggs.

Choceur Chocolate Sitting Bunny 100g $1.99

Cute as a button and available in milk, dark and white chocolate, these bunnies are made from the finest European chocolate. It’s no wonder they’re one of our best sellers.

Moser Roth Finest Easter Eggs 150g $3.49

The ultimate in sophistication at an amazing price. These Moser Roth Finest Eggs are made from premium ingredients and are available in three gourmet flavours—Caramel Crunch, Crunchy Hazelnut and Almond.

Bakers Life Fruit Hot Cross Buns 6 pack $2.99

$7 for six Hot Cross Buns? Not at ALDI, where you can pick up a six pack for $2.99. These delicious, fruit-filled goodies contain 24% fruit and cost less than the price of one bun at some stores. They’re also available in a fruit-free variety.

Specially Selected Chocolate Chip Brioche Hot Cross Buns 4 pack $2.99

Who can argue with soft brioche buns studded with delicious chocolate chips? Not us, especially at $2.99.

Treat the kids

Dairy Fine Giant Standing Bunny 400g $7.99

Impressive in stature and made in Australia from delicious milk chocolate, this giant bunny is guaranteed to put smiles on little faces.

Dairy Fine Easter Figures 100g $2.99

The kids will love these cute little Easter figures. Choose from Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs. Better yet, grab all three.

Choceur Kids Eggs 120g $4.99

A classic, gift-sized egg, our Choceur Kids Eggs come in three flavours—100’s and 1000’s, Honeycomb and Popping Candy. And each box has a finger puppet activity to keep the kids busy.

Dairy Fine Speckled Eggs 100g $1.89

Delicious milk chocolate coated in a fine, sugary shell, the Dairy Fine Speckled Eggs make a tasty table decoration. They also go well in a number of Easter treats.

Grown up treats

Choceur Filled Mini Bunnies 150g/180g $2.99

Perfect for the young at heart, these foil wrapped bunnies are made from delicious European chocolate and filled with either Milk Crème or Gooey Caramel.

Choceur Flame Egg 325g $7.99

Beautifully packaged, and featuring a milk chocolate egg filled with a selection of delicious pralines, the Choceur Flame Egg makes a great gift.

Specially Selected Luxury Half Egg 150g $8.99

What do you get when you combine the finest Belgian chocolate and delectable pralines? The ultimate Easter indulgence.

Choceur Deluxe Easter Eggs 150g $6.49

Available in Macadamia Obsession and Almond Delight, and featuring Australian nuts that have been toasted to perfection, our Choceur Deluxe Easter Eggs make perfect gifts for grown-ups.

Specially Selected Truffle Eggs 150g $4.49

Beautifully presented, thoroughly decadent and made from quality ingredients, this assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate truffle eggs promises to please.

Options for Everyone

Choices Free From Easter Eggs 115g $6.49

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t mean sitting Easter out. Available in white and milk chocolate, this tasty egg is dairy, wheat, gluten and egg free.

Sweet William Hollow Egg 100g $7.99

This handy two pack feature two delicious Vegan Easter eggs. They’re dairy, wheat, gluten and egg free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Sweet William Bunny 120g $9.99

Cute, tasty and free from dairy, gluten and nuts, the Sweet William Bunny is perfect for little ones with allergies.

Our Easter range is on sale now, until stocks last. To browse ALDI’s full Easter range, please visit: https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/easter/