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ALDI opened its first stores in Australia in 2001 and now operates over 580 stores across NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.

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ALDI has over 13,500 employees across its corporate and regional offices, warehouses and stores.

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ALDI’s business model relies on selling high quality private label products at affordable prices. Our everyday range comprises of approximately 1,800 products and over 500 of these items are award-winning. Our exclusive branded products are benchmarked to be as good as, if not better, than branded equivalents.

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ALDI supports an Australia first buying policy. Of the 1,200 suppliers we partner with to source our everyday range and Special Buys products, more than 1,000 of these suppliers are Australian-owned.

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Special Buys have been a key part of the ALDI offering since we began operations in Australia. Each range is carefully selected and themed around activities our customers are most likely to be interested in at that time of year. Special Buys arrive in stores each Wednesday and Saturday, and customers are given a preview of the products one week before they are appear in store via our catalogue, e-newsletter, app and website.

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Since opening in Australia, ALDI has contributed $34.2 billion to the Australian economy.

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In 2021, we saved our customers $2.7 billion. Moreover, the downward pressure we put on grocery prices in Australia has saved non-ALDI shoppers over $7 billion since we came to the market.

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We are known for being Good Different. We are the only supermarket in Australia to have never offered single use plastic bags. We have a coin deposit system for our trolleys. Our customers pack their own bags. It’s these differences that set us apart from other supermarkets and allow us to save shoppers money.


Frequently asked questions

The first ALDI store opened way back in 1961 in Germany. ALDI brought the pack-your-own-bags model to the retail scene and became the first discount supermarket in the world. In 2001, ALDI opened its first Australian stores in NSW, one at Bankstown Airport and another in Marrickville.

Store hours vary at each location. To find out your local store’s opening hours, visit: https://storelocator.aldi.com.au

ALDI stores are typically about 1500 square metres in size, with 1000 square metres or so devoted to retail floor space.

Local licensing laws means that we only stock liquor in select stores in NSW, VIC and WA. State licensing laws currently prohibit ALDI from selling liquor in our QLD and SA stores.

Customers can return any item within 60 days to any ALDI store with proof of purchase. Conditions apply. Check our Returns Policy here: https://www.aldi.com.au/en/about-aldi/returns-policy/

ALDI has a coin deposit trolley system across all of our stores. This system is a preventative measure against trolleys being dumped in public places. By incentivising customers to return their own trolleys, we save money and pass that on to our customers in the form of cheaper prices. Be sure to have a $1 or $2 coin on hand, which you can retrieve at the end of your shop. Customers can also purchase a reusable $0.99 Trolley Token in store.

Everything we do is designed with one purpose in mind: to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best possible prices. While other supermarkets might offer temporary markdowns and promotional pricing, ALDI offers a unique promise of permanently low prices. ALDI is the leader on price because of our unique business model and streamlined operations. We save costs by offering a limited yet carefully selected product range, through maximising efficiencies across our business and by not offering costly extras such as rewards programs.

ALDI supports an Australia first buying policy including our fresh bread, meat, milk and eggs which are 100% Australian sourced. The majority of our fresh produce is Australian sourced, dependent on seasonality and weather conditions. We only source a product from overseas if we can’t find the right quality at the right price. We partner with over 1,000 Australian-owned businesses, who supply everything from baked goods, yogurt and fresh juice through to Special Buys books and musical instruments.

We plan our Special Buys months in advance, working with suppliers to create products for each of our carefully selected themes throughout the year. These include: camping in spring, barbeques and ceiling fans in summer and ski gear for the winter snow season, through to products for all year round such as active wear, home interiors and kitchenware. The majority of the products sold at ALDI are our own exclusive brands, meaning we have full control over the quality and value.

While the majority of our products form our everyday range some products may be part of our seasonal ranges (Summer, Winter, Easter and Christmas), meaning it is only available for a limited time during the year. This is to ensure our range continues to stay streamlined and relevant, by only offering the best quality products that for the most part are purchased during a particular time of year. We are conscious of meeting the needs of shoppers, and are always looking to expand our range where it makes sense. Recently we have expanded our everyday range by almost 10% with 150 new products across meat, fruit and vegetable and chilled categories. The health category has also been a focus for us, with new products added to our organic, gluten free and vegetarian ranges.

ALDI Australia operates completely independently of ALDI Germany. All profits in Australia stay in the country and are used to fund our local expansion.

ALDI has always paid its fair share of tax, paying an average of 31% on pre-tax profits when the standard company tax rate is 30%. ALDI is also signed up to the Tax Transparency Code, publishing an annual tax report on our website. Read our latest Tax Contribution Report here.

Anyone interested in applying for a job at ALDI can visit www.aldicareers.com.au

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