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Conscious consumerism is here to stay. More and more Australian shoppers are taking an active interest in what they’re buying. Where was it made? Is it good for me? Was it produced sustainably? These are just some of the questions that shoppers are asking themselves as they walk through the supermarket aisles.

“While our customers are becoming more conscious about eating ethically, behind the scenes at ALDI this has always been at the forefront of our minds. In fact, a huge focus for us is our commitment to sourcing food products sustainably,” explains Daniel Baker, ALDI Australia’s Corporate Responsibility Director.

“We work with suppliers to ensure that the raw materials that make up our products are grown and produced sustainably.”

ALDI’s growing range of certified Organic and Fairtrade products are testament to our position on sustainable sourcing.

Organic Super Savers this October

There are lots of reasons to choose organic foods over their conventionally harvested counterparts. Organic farming does not rely on the use of chemicals or genetically modified components, meaning they are free of synthetics and equally as important, it’s better for the environment. While organics are undoubtly better for the consumer and the planet, shopping this way can be costly, but not at ALDI.

This October we’re celebrating our Just Organic range, with everything from 300g Coconut Oil (was $4.49, now $3.00) to 500g Natural Yoghurt (was $2.99, now $2.49), Quinoa (was $6.49, now $4.00) and 500g Pasta Sauce (was $2.49, now $1.79) at a reduced price. At such great value, now’s the time to stock your pantry with food that’s good for you, the environment and the people who grew it.

Cocoa and coffee

All of ALDI’s Choceur, Moser Roth and Dairy Fine chocolate is UTZ certified, which means you can rest easy knowing that the cocoa was grown and harvested sustainably. All UTZ-certified suppliers must adhere to a Code of Conduct that, among other things, offers guidance on sustainable farming methods and employee working conditions. The UTZ certification, like its Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance cousins, helps cocoa farmers survive and thrive in the highly volatile cocoa industry. By 2020, ALDI intends to source all cocoa-rich products from certified suppliers.

You’ll find plenty of sustainable tea and coffee at ALDI, too. Conscious coffee drinkers will be happy to know that our 250g Just Organic Ground Coffee is made from 100% Arabica Fairtrade and Organic Certified beans. And tea drinkers can choose from Fairtrade and Organic certified Black, Green and Rooibos teas.

Sustainable palm oil

Palm oil is one of the most versatile ingredients out there. It’s in everything from confectionary and baked goods, to non-food items like cosmetics and cleaning agents. Often times, palm oil is harvested in ways that are anything but sustainable. In fact, the world’s enormous appetite for palm oil has contributed to deforestation, the displacement of communities and the endangering of animals like the orangutan. That’s why ALDI has committed to using only 100% sustainably sourced palm oil in food items, and we’re on track to ensuring the same across our non-food items by the end of 2018.

Animal welfare

ALDI takes animal welfare very seriously. We work with our suppliers to improve housing conditions for animals, prohibit animal testing on ALDI products, and adhere to the globally recognised ‘Five Freedoms’ for farm animals. We also offer our customers a range of organic and free range options. And in 2016, we made the commitment to phase out the sale of Cage Eggs by 2025. Two years in, we are pleased to report that we’re already seeing results. Our suppliers have embraced the move and many have already started building cage free facilities.

So, if like many Australian shoppers, you’re looking to make more conscious decisions when you visit the supermarket, ALDI makes shopping ethically possible. You might be surprised how easy it is to spot an organic, Fairtrade or sustainably sourced product in our aisles (without the exorbitant price tag)!