Whether you get your daily caffeine fix with Expressi, cure those 3pm cravings with our delicious Moser Roth chocolate, create platters using our award-winning cheese or pack the kids lunchboxes with Lil Snackerz fruit, the growing number of happy ALDI customers hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Thanks to our loyal customers, we’re proud to announce ALDI has won Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award in the Supermarket category for 2018. This is the fourth time we have won the award in the last five years and it’s a true reflection of the unbeatable value and great shopping experience we offer Aussie customers every day.

We topped the field for overall customer satisfaction, value for money, private label products and our famous Special Buys. The admiration for ALDI doesn’t just stop there. We scored five stars for store layout and presentation, proving our customers are fans of the exciting makeovers we’ve been unveiling at stores across the East Coast.

“This is a humbling achievement for us and we are very pleased that we have been recognised by our shoppers and the industry. We’re well known for the great value we provide our customers, but just as important to us is ensuring our customers have the best possible experience in our stores and that they thoroughly enjoy our high quality fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and every day grocery range,” said Adrian Christie, Communications and Customer Service Director.

“As we enter our 17th year, we remain focused on delivering an alternative shopping experience that we define as Good Different. We will continue to listen to our customers and look for continual improvements in the quality and selection of our range while maintaining our everyday low prices,” added Mr Christie.

Here are some of the reasons why we were named the winner of Australia’s most satisfied customers, 2018:

Our fresh new look

We recognise that shoppers enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. We’re delighted to have received five stars for our layout and store presentation, a key category within Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer Awards.

We’re currently in the midst of our first major store transformation in 17 years. Our new store layout is designed around the way customers like to shop, with more than 90 ALDI stores having been transformed so far. By 2020, all ALDI stores will receive the upgrade.

Our goal is to be the best value supermarket destination for fresh produce and one of the biggest reasons for the redesign was to create more space for fruit, veggies, meat, seafood and dairy, as well as other healthy food options.

Unbeatable value everyday

The Canstar Blue research revealed that value for money is the most important driver of customer satisfaction. Saving Aussies money is what we do best and winning this category is a great recognition of the fact that we have the lowest prices in Australia.

Exactly how do we do this? One of the key ways is by only selling the best products within each category. We have 1,450 every day products, compared to other supermarkets which sell more than 20,000.  Our unique business model and streamlined operation, which eliminates all costly extras and overheads, allows us to deliver top quality products at permanently lower prices.

We’re also proud to be a driver of greater competition in the market. For example, CHOICE’s 2017 Supermarket Survey revealed ALDI’s entry into both South and Western Australia helped drive down grocery prices in both states. The same survey also found that consumers can save up to 60% when buying their groceries from ALDI, rather than shopping for leading brands at competitor supermarkets.*

Exclusive brands

From Expressi coffee to our Mamia baby range and Lacura skincare, shoppers have come to know and love our exclusive brands. This is why we have consistently received five stars for our private label products in Canstar Blue’s past surveys.

What exactly does exclusive brands mean? It’s basically another term for private label, which is what sets us apart from our competitors. In fact, more than 90% of ALDI’s products are exclusive brands. We mostly source these in Australia, working with more than 1,000 Aussie suppliers to develop high quality products at market leading prices.

We also blind test, sample and benchmark every single product to make sure it’s just as good as or better than the relevant market product, at a fraction of the price. More than 500 ALDI products are award winning, meaning more than a third of our everyday range!

All about that middle aisle

Being Good Different is what ALDI is famous for and our iconic Special Buys are a huge part of that. Once again, we have been awarded five stars within the deals/specials availability category. On sale every Wednesday and Saturday, our Special Buys range from ski gear to furniture, homewares and appliances, and can be found each week within our catalogue (also the most read publication in Australia!)

The best is yet to come

Having so many loyal customers isn’t something we take for granted, so we definitely won’t be resting on our laurels! Satisfying our customers will continue to be what drives us, whether that means constantly improving our customer service or regularly adapting our range in line with the changing needs of our customers.

*CHOICE’s 2017 Supermarket Survey: https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/everyday-shopping/supermarkets/articles/cheapest-groceries-australia