We are excited to announce our partnership between ALDI Mamia, our exclusive baby care range and Tresillian, the not-for-profit organisation that provides new parents with expert advice inspiring confidence in their parenting abilities during critical times.

As any Mum or Dad will attest, raising children is a hugely rewarding experience but it can also be incredibly challenging dealing with complex issues such as struggles with sleep, settling and breastfeeding.

More than 600,000 parents contact Tresillian for advice and support each year whilst more than 15,000 visit a Tresillian centre. Through our partnership with Tresillian, we hope to reach more Australian parents and provide them with valuable support.

“We are delighted to be  partnering with an organisation that has helped so many Australian families.  We hope that using our Mamia range to promote Tresillian, will extend the reach of this important service,” said Monique Avdalis, Mamia Buying Director, ALDI Australia.

Together we will produce a video content series designed to support parents in caring for their babies and young children. We will also produce a range of brochures featuring tips on everything from breastfeeding to returning to work.