Today, ALDI Australia unveils its Everyday Low Prices campaign, which highlights how ALDI shoppers can save without thinking. The ice skating duo glide through ALDI’s aisles as they do the weekly grocery shop. There is no pausing for price checks or calculations and there is no need to second guess if certain products will be cheaper next week. The TV commercial airs from Sunday, 15 March.

“Our Everyday Low Prices campaign aims to remind shoppers that they can save at ALDI. Most shoppers are aware that our prices are low, however this campaign set out to remind customers that they can trust our everyday low pricing model to get the best value on their groceries each time they shop. We want to generate confidence in our low prices and remind shoppers that they don’t have to go to arduous efforts to budget or find the best savings,” said Mark Richardson, Marketing Director, ALDI Australia.

While other supermarkets might offer temporary markdowns and promotional pricing, ALDI offers permanently low prices. We are the leader on price because of our unique business model and streamlined operations, which allows us to save costs and pass this on in the form of affordable groceries. Our limited product range, efficient checkout process and forgoing gimmicks such as rewards programs are just some of the ways we save customers money.

“It is a well-known fact that ALDI’s prices are low, all the time. They remain consistently low so that you can buy what you need, when you need it without having to waste time cross-checking catalogues, compiling price lists or purchasing promotional items from other supermarkets,” added Mr. Richardson.

With over 550 stores across Australia, we’re giving more Australians the chance to save money every day. The Making a Good Difference: how ALDI contributes to the Australian economy report shows that ALDI has driven significant price deflation in Australia, resulting in savings for grocery buyers. Comparative basket analysis revealed that in 2018 we saved our customers $2.2 billion by shopping at ALDI rather than the major supermarkets.

We’re also proud of the modern new-look our stores have received over the years, which has seen stores fitted with redesigned shelving, expanded wooden produce bays and energy efficient chillers and LED lighting. While these changes in store design have taken place, customers can rest assure that they can shop at our revamped stores and expect the same low prices.

The TVC was created in partnership with BMF.