Winner, winner – meat dinner! ALDI has cleaned up at the Canstar Blue Supermarket Meat Awards in all six categories – Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Fish and Seafood.

Canstar ratings

From home cooked family meals and school lunches to casual barbecues with friends and extravagant, all-the-trimmings festive spreads, at ALDI, we know Aussie shoppers have a keen eye for sourcing the best quality and value supermarket meats for every occasion.

“Thanks to our Aussie-first supplier policy, 100% of ALDI’s fresh meat is proudly Australian grown, which makes shopping for quality and affordable local meat easier than ever for our customers,” said Adrian Nel, ALDI Australia Group Buying Director, Meat and Seafood.

“We understand our shoppers are motivated by quality and value, and we are very proud that this award recognises ALDI’s continued efforts to ensure all fresh meat products are delicious and at the lowest possible prices,” he continued.

ALDI was rated the undisputed champion of supermarket beef, pork and lamb for the FOURTH year in a row, while the supermarket was also named the best catch for fish and seafood for the second year running (CANSTAR established the fish and seafood award categories in 2020).

Canstar Blue’s annual Supermarket Meat Awards for 2021

  • Beef – ALDI
  • Chicken – ALDI
  • Pork – ALDI
  • Lamb – ALDI & Coles
  • Fish – ALDI
  • Seafood – ALDI & Coles

 Canstar Blue’s Home and Lifestyle Expert Megan Birot says, “ALDI won our Most Satisfied Customers Award in all supermarket meat categories for 2021, including beef, chicken, lamb, pork and seafood. It was also rated five stars across a wide range of specific meat products, including Aussie favourites such as beef burgers, roast chicken and lamb, pork and lamb chops, beef and pork sausages and fish.

“It wasn’t just value for money that ALDI performed well in, but freshness too. It’s a real testament to the quality of meat products that ALDI brings to consumers, and to the difference that a good bang for buck makes on customers’ overall satisfaction with their supermarket meat purchases.”

ALDI previously won Canstar’s “most satisfied customers” supermarket award this year – an award that ALDI Australia has taken out eight times in the past 10 years.

Each and every award win could not have been possible without the support of ALDI’s loyal customers and partners. ALDI looks forward to continuing to work with its partners to ensure they are providing an exciting, unique and low-price shopping experience for Australian shoppers.