ALDI Australia today has released data that shares the impact of its presence as it celebrates 20 years since its entry into Australia.

In 20 years of operation, PwC has estimated that ALDI Australia has contributed a total of $30.2 billion to the Australian economy with new and upgraded stores, local business partnerships and jobs. The supermarket said its continued investment in Australia was recognition for two decades of trust and loyalty shown by its growing base of customers.

Tom Daunt, CEO for ALDI Australia, said: “For over 20 years, our focus has been on developing high quality products at affordable prices, building retail careers for our people and forging great relationships with our Australian supply partners.  Today we could not be more proud of our efforts to provide great products at affordable prices, all underpinned by responsible business practices.”

ALDI’s ethos of everyday low prices has meant Australian’s save $2.4 billion per year when they shop at ALDI compared to other major supermarkets. ALDI’s competitive effect on the market has reduced prices for Australian shoppers, even if they do not shop at ALDI, saving customers a total of $6.6 billion over ALDI’s 20 years in operation. ALDI’s presence in the Australian market has also influenced an increase in consumption of private labels, to the amount of $29.34 billion in savings over 20 years.

ALDI contribution stats

More recently, it committed to 100% renewable electricity to power its operations by the end of 2021 and eliminate at least a quarter of all plastic packaging by 2025.

Looking ahead, the supermarket said its most important commitment to customers was to continue to keep its prices the lowest in the market as household budgets come under greater pressure.

“The founding principle of our Australian business back in 2001 was to offer a carefully-selected range of great quality products at the lowest prices. Whilst we’re continuing to innovate to give customers an even better experience and greater convenience, our core philosophy remains unchanged,” added Daunt.

Help ALDI celebrate its 20-year history by travelling back to Bankstown Airport and Marrickville in 2001, where it all began through the ALDI digital time capsule at

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