We are delighted to receive recognition for our commitment to responsibly sourced seafood, having won this year’s Marine Stewardship Council’s Sustainable Seafood Award for Mid-Sized Retailer. We are also pleased to have received Highly Commended in the Best Product Category for our Smoked Sprats.

The awards recognise the focus we place on connecting our customers with responsible and sustainably sourced seafood options, having Australia’s largest range of MSC certified own-label seafood.

“We show our devotion to the ocean through sustainable sourcing and transparency, ultimately helping customers support responsible fishing and farming practices. We are thrilled to be the Australian retailer with the largest range of MSC certified own-label fish and seafood, and to be recognised for our shared commitment to end overfishing,” said Kate Doctor, Buying Director for Seafood at ALDI Australia.

The Marine Stewardship Council plays an important role in preventing overfishing and safeguarding seafood supplies for the future, working with partners and retailers to influence the choices consumers make when it comes to purchasing seafood.

“ALDI’s commitment to sustainable seafood is helping to ensure a future full of fish. By using the MSC blue fish tick so visibly on products and in communications, ALDI is making it really easy for shoppers to choose healthy oceans teeming with life for this and future generations.” said Anne Gabriel, MSC Oceania Program Director.

Today also marks the start of Sustainable Seafood Week (9-15 March) which aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainably sourced fish across the industry.  During Sustainable Seafood Week, it is important to recognise the pressure that can be placed on ocean habitats through demand for fish and seafood. Unchecked demand causes depletion of fish stocks.

Every year, up to 14 million tonnes of unreported fish are caught around the world for illegal trade, with an estimated value on the black market of at least $USD14 billion, according to research by the University of Western Australia and Canada’s University of British Columbia.

Sourcing seafood responsibly and sustainably can actually improve natural habitats in the ocean, and contribute to healthier marine ecosystems. Beyond that, by making the right choice at the point of purchase, we can support fishing communities that rely on the catch of the day for their livelihoods.

ALDI actively engages suppliers and has a number of partnerships to continue the promotion of sustainable seafood. Last year, ALDI Australia became the first Australian retailer to join the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) to voluntarily disclose where ALDI Australia’s wild caught seafood products are sourced. The ODP partnership built on ALDI’s existing Trace your Tuna initiative where customers can identify the fishery where their canned tuna was caught.