This article is written by Finder’s Chris Jager

ALDI has emerged victorious at the Finder 2023 Customer Satisfaction Awards, with multiple products trumping the bigger supermarket chains for taste, freshness and value for money.

The annual awards recognise Australia’s most trusted brands across more than 100 retail categories. Finder polled over 30,000 Australians to find out their favourite products, including supermarket foods and brands.

With a resounding victory in 5 categories, ALDI received more awards than any other supermarket.

Let’s take a look at this remarkable achievement with a breakdown of ALDI’s numerous wins.

Superior bakery delights

ALDI clinched the top gong for the Best Supermarket Bakery, capturing the hearts and palates of consumers across the nation.

Its bakery products scored the highest in terms of value for money and taste.

An impressive 91% of respondents recommended ALDI’s bakery items.

Unparalleled meat selection

When it comes to meat, ALDI stands head and shoulders above the competition. The Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards crowned ALDI as the go-to destination for the best beef, chicken, pork and fresh seafood.

For beef, ALDI’s offerings were commended for their exceptional taste, diverse range and reliable freshness. 85% of respondents affirmed their trust in ALDI’s beef products.

Meanwhile, ALDI’s fresh seafood range claimed the title of best supermarket seafood, impressing customers with its flavour and value for money.

In the chicken category, ALDI again came out on top, being hailed the best overall supermarket brand. With a focus on freshness, taste and affordability, ALDI chicken won the recommendation of 88% of customers.

ALDI’s commitment to excellence extended to pork, where it secured the top-rated position. Customers praised ALDI’s pork for its outstanding taste, wide product range, freshness and good value for money. An overwhelming 94% of respondents recommended its pork products.

Highly commended in fruit and veg

In addition to the brace of impressive wins above, ALDI also came highly commended in a number of other categories. These include the overall Supermarket brand, Ham, Lamb, Fresh Fruit and Fresh Vegetables categories.

When combined with the aforementioned wins, ALDI has clearly solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian supermarket landscape.

ALDI Customer Satisfaction results:

• Supermarket – Bakery
• Supermarket – Beef
• Supermarket – Chicken
• Supermarket – Fresh Seafood
• Supermarket – Pork

Highly commended
• Supermarket brand
• Supermarket – Ham
• Supermarket – Lamb
• Supermarket – Fresh Fruit
• Supermarket – Fresh Vegetables

About the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards

The Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards are designed to empower Australian consumers in making informed purchasing decisions by recognising the nation’s top brands, as chosen by real Australians.

In collaboration with research partner Dynata, Finder surveyed over 30,000 Australians for its Customer Satisfaction Awards, revealing the best supermarket brands across 11 commonly purchased household products. You can find out more about the awards here.

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