For the first time, ALDI Australia will stock an exclusive range of vitamins in stores across the country. The Essential Health range will be priced from just $9.99 and available from 1 June.

The supplements have received the ISURA Seal of Approval for quality and features seven different products designed to help maintain a range of health and wellbeing needs including fish oil, vitamin C, and women and men’s multivitamins:

  • Activated B Complex (60 pack), $12.99
  • Triple Strength Fish Oil Mini Caps (60 pack), $12.99
  • Vitamin C 1000mg (60 pack), $9.99
  • Women’s Multivitamin (60 pack), $9.99
  • Men’s Multivitamin High Potency (60 pack), $9.99
  • CoQ10 150mg (60 pack), $14.99
  • Glucosamine (60 pack), $9.99

ALDI Buying Director Aaron Nolan says the new Essential Health range is an exciting landmark for ALDI to offer quality supplements Australian shoppers can rely on, at great value.

“We’re proud to be offering quality dietary supplements at such great prices, making them accessible to more Australians. These products were developed with care in partnership with a sustainable manufacturer, so shoppers can feel confident when selecting their daily Essential Health vitamin.” Nolan said.

“Each contain key active ingredients, whether it’s Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system for only $9.99 to a Triple Strength Fish Oil at only $12.99”.

The Essential Health Range

Activated B Complex (60 pack), $12.99

These capsules help replenish nutrients needed for strenuous physical activity by helping to convert food to energy. It relieves symptoms of stress and contains metabolically active forms of B6, B12 and folate.

Essential Health B Complex

Triple Strength Fish Oil Mini Caps (60 pack), $12.99

These odourless caplets help maintain a healthy cholesterol and heart health, while also supporting cognitive function.

Essential Health Fish Oil

Vitamin C 1000mg (60 pack), $9.99

A one-a-day formula to boost your Vitamin C intake and help reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms. This antioxidant helps support healthy teeth, skin and bones.

Essential Health Vitamin C

Women’s Multivitamin (60 pack), $9.99

This is a one-a-day tablet to support women’s energy production, help reduce mental fatigue and support general health and wellbeing. It also promotes healthy nail strength and bone health.

Essential Health Women's High Potency Multivitamins

Men’s Multivitamin High Potency (60 pack), $9.99

This one-a-day tablet supports immune system health and general wellbeing, while also maintaining heart health.

Essential Health B Complex

CoQ10 150mg (60 pack), $14.99

The CoQ10 is an antioxidant to help support cardiovascular system health.

Essential Health CoQ10

Glucosamine (60 pack), $9.99

The one-a-day tablet has been formulated to aid joint health, relieving the symptoms of mild arthritis including mild joint aches and pains.

Essential Health Glucosamine

About Essential Health:

The Essential Health range of dietary supplements undergoes strict testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the quality, purity and potency of the product that you see on shelf. Testing is critical at every step in the supply chain to ensure ingredient authentication and product traceability. This certifies that the products meet the highest quality standards for potency, absence of contaminants, and to ensure that all of the products are non-GMO, so that you can feel confident when you select an Essential Health dietary supplement.

Our manufacturing partner is a sustainable, vertically integrated, Certified B Corporation ® with their own certified organic farmland and research and production facilities, which allows for transparency throughout the supply chain. Ingredients are sourced from leading raw material suppliers who share the same commitment to quality for natural supplements. Once received the raw materials undergo an extensive testing regime for efficacy, bioavailability, purity and safety, including independent analytical testing and certification by ISURA ®