Continuing the winning streak, ALDI has been awarded another Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award, this time for Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables. This is the first exciting win for ALDI in the new Canstar Blue Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables category, receiving a perfect score! At ALDI, we pride on ourselves on delivering exceptional quality fruit and vegetables and been working closely with Aussie farmers and growers to consistently deliver quality produce for our customers.

ALDI was the only supermarket to score five stars across all categories this year, where we led the competition for “overall satisfaction”, “quality of products”, “value for money”, “freshness of produce”, “variety of products”, “deals or specials” and “store layout and presentation.”


Group Buying Director of Fruit and Vegetables at ALDI, Jordan Lack said, “We understand the importance of fresh produce to our customers and over the past few years have made this our priority so we are absolutely delighted to now be recognised with this award. From a range of regions around Australia, we partner with local growers who work extremely hard to bring the best quality produce at ALDI’s lowest prices to our stores everyday so this award is equally a credit to them”.

 A lot goes into supplying an award-winning range and this win reaffirms ALDI’s commitment to sourcing locally and working closely with farmers to ensure we’re supplying the right produce at the right times.

What’s in season and what should customers look for in their produce?

Customers can find seasonal produce on the ALDI website produce hub or in our weekly catalogue.  In season for Spring are our Bellino Tomatoes, strawberries, truss tomatoes, blueberries, sweet corn and an assortment of fresh herbs – all available at great low prices.

Who knows produce better than the great Aussie farmers we work with every day to supply fruit and veg to our stores? No one. That’s why we asked them for their tips on how to shop seasonally and what to look for when picking produce in store.

Meet our Aussie farmer experts and hear their fresh produce tips:

 Bellino Tomatoes:

Our delicious bellino tomatoes are sourced from greenhouses in Guyra, atop the NSW Northern Tablelands. Tal Kanety, our bellinos grower, has been working with us since 2007. Their tomatoes are grown in state-of-the-art glasshouses. The glasshouse’s unique micro-climate of high light and cool summers create ideal conditions for their sweet, intense taste. Every year we source 1,201 tonnes of bellino snacking, bellino gold, truss and cocktail tomatoes from the Tal’s team.

Aussie Grown StrawberriesPick the best bellinos every time.

Look for bellinos with a dark red colour and shiny skin.

 Keep them sweet.

Store your bellino tomatoes at room temperature. They may lose their sweetness if stored in the fridge.

Snacks on.

They’re the perfect bite-sized healthy snack for all ages. Pop some in your kid’s lunchboxes.

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Aussie Strawberries:

Strawberries aren’t just sweet, they’re jam-packed (mind the pun) with vitamin C and healthy antioxidants. That is what makes them the perfect sweet, guilt-free snack.

ALDI strawberries migrate from all over Australia, depending on where you live and what season it is. Yours might come from Bundaberg or Caboolture in QLD, the Yarra Valley in VIC, Mount Barker in SA or a bunch of other Aussie growers.

One of our amazing growers are The Dang family from SSS Strawberries. They are a family-run business located in Bundaberg QLD, who we have worked with since 2006. Their farm has rich soils and cool winter weather, providing ideal strawberry growing conditions!

Aussie grown strawberries

When’s best to pick strawberries?

Strawberries are available all year round but the best time to put them in your trolley depends on where you live. .Strawberries from QLD are in abundance from July to September. Victorian strawberries are in their peak from December to March.

How to pick the perfect strawberry.

Strawberries should be bright red with an even, rich sheen.

Storing your strawberries.

Keep them dry in a container or their punnet. You can line the container with paper towel to draw up excess moisture. Be sure to remove their leaves before freezing.

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Sweet corn

100% of our sweet corn is homegrown and comes from fields all over Australia including Home Hill and Bowen in North QLD, Mulgowie in South Eastern Queensland, Glen Innes in NSW, Boisdale in Victoria and more.

Mulgowie Farming Co began as a small Queensland Lockyer Valley family farm over 75 years ago. Today, they have grown to multiple farms spread across QLD, NSW and VIC. We have been working with the Mulgowie team since 2001 to supply fresh sweet corn and green beans to our customers. The team put the extra snap in a fresh green bean, the extra sweetness in a cob of corn and the best flavour you can taste.

Aussie grown sweet corn

Pick the best every time.

Look for corn with plump, yellow kernels.

What is sweet corn good for?

Steam, grill or fry them. When BBQing sweet corn cobs, turn them every so often for 5 minutes. Brush the cooked cobs with butter before seasoning with salt and pepper.

Make them last.

To keep your sweet corn in tip top shape, store cobs your fridge.

It’s sweet and good for you.

Sweet corn has great nutritional benefits for the heart. It’s a great source of fibre and potassium, folate and thiamine.

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