ALDI Australia today announces their expansion into the insurance sector with the launch of ALDI Insurance.

Backed by award winning Honey Insurance and underwritten by one of Australia’s most trusted brands, RACQ Insurance, ALDI Insurance makes insurance straight forward for all Australians by providing good value and experience at consistently competitive prices.

ALDI Insurance has policies for:

  • Home & Contents Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Landlord’s Insurance

ALDI Insurance, a new venture for the ALDI business in Australia, stays true to the company’s DNA of simplicity while delivering everyday competitive prices for Australian shoppers. With key features to save customers both time and money and provide clarity in a notoriously complex sector where ALDI Insurance customers can get a quote in 3 minutes.

Rodney Balech, Group Director ALDI Australia said, “We are excited to be expanding our ‘Good Different’ offering into new categories with ALDI Insurance bringing even more savings to Aussies at a time when they need it most. We know that Australians have been calling for a trusted insurance provider that not only provides a reliable and accessible service but also doesn’t break the bank. With the launch of ALDI Insurance, we’re bringing our expertise in competitive pricing and quality products to the insurance vertical, while partnering with Honey’s tried and true insurance experience to give customers confidence in the products,” said Mr Balech.

“We have stripped the complexity out of Comprehensive Car, Home and Contents Insurance and Landlord’s Insurance to deliver a straightforward product with exceptional value,” Mr Balech continued.

“Just like our grocery offering, we won’t be engaging in one-off rewards or conditional discounts, we want to bring to the insurance market what we have successfully delivered in our grocery operations – a trusted, high quality product, with Aussie insurance partners that delivers every day competitive prices for customers,” he said.

ALDI Insurance is backed by Honey Insurance and RACQ Insurance, both innovative, Australian leaders in the insurance industry. Working with well-established and trusted partners will allow ALDI to bring the highest quality and straightforward insurance to its customers with confidence, all while being committed to ALDI’s inherent value proposition.

Honey Insurance founder and CEO, Richard Joffe, said “At Honey, we put the customer at the centre of how we design insurance; from coverage, to the simplicity of getting a quote or making a claim. Partnering with ALDI was a natural fit given our shared desire to bring a more trustworthy and straightforward insurance product to Australian customers. Honey is proud to be the exclusive partner for ALDI Insurance and we are thrilled to be joining forces with ALDI to help Australians keep their homes and cars safer; and all at a price that gives Aussie households the great value they deserve.”

Why ALDI Insurance?

A straightforward price for quality – just like our grocery offer
Across all of its policies, ALDI is making insurance simple and straightforward for all Australians. ALDI Insurance provides competitive pricing across all policies for all customers – whether they are new or existing. So, customers can be sure that when they renew their policy, if they applied for the same policy as a new customer, they’d get the same price.

“Customers getting stung by increasing premiums simply because they didn’t shop around is a trope of traditional insurance. ALDI’s insurance philosophy, like its grocery offering, is a high quality product at the best possible price point, for every single customer whether they are a long-term ALDI Insurance customer or brand new,” Mr Balech explained. 

ALDI Insurance customers will receive the same everyday competitive price for an insurance renewal, as a quote for a new customer on the same policy. This consistency means customers holding an existing ALDI Insurance policy can have the same assurance that they are getting a high value product at a competitive price point every year without being penalised for loyalty. 

Reducing premiums without compromise
ALDI Home and Contents Insurance uses technology to reduce premiums. Eligible policy holders receive smart sensors that monitor their homes to help avoid the accidents that may lead to claims like fire, water damage and theft.  These sensors are a unique and good different way for policyholders to keep their homes and contents safer, while also saving customers up to 8 per cent on their premiums each year.  

“We looked at our Home and Contents insurance model and like the rest of our business, really evaluated ways we could make the product more affordable for customers while not compromising on quality. The use of technology like smart sensors in homes is an innovative way to bring down premiums by reducing the risk of unfortunate mishaps in the home that our insurance protects against. So it’s a win-win,” Mr Balech said

No jargon, no hidden exclusions – ALDI Insurance is straightforward with quotes in 3 minutes
Free from confusing jargon and “insurance speak”, ALDI Insurance offers straightforward coverage with no hidden exclusions buried in the fine print. With ALDI, all Australians have access to value insurance at ALDI’s beloved competitive prices.

Customers can get a quote and even get their home insured in 3 minutes, all thanks to ALDI Insurance’s technology via Honey which identifies key information about their home including its size, construction year and its material make up. This ultimately helps to speed up the traditionally lengthy process, saving customers both time and money. Its straightforward savings which ALDI has become synonymous with in the grocery sector.

About ALDI Home and Contents Insurance:

  • With ALDI Insurance, customers can proactively protect their homes even before an accident occurs. That is why eligible Home & Contents or Home Insurance policy holders receive smart sensors that monitor their homes to help avoid the mishaps that may lead to claims like fire, water damage and theft.
  • These sensors are a unique and (Good) Different way for policyholders to keep their homes and contents safer, while also saving customers up to 8% on their premiums each year.  
  • ALDI Insurance offers up to 20 percent above the sum insured for demolition, and 10 percent above the sum insured for design costs when a customer needs to rebuild their home after an insured event occurs.
  • ALDI Insurance offers up to $20,000 cover for home offices as we understand the way Australians live and work is changing.
  • Our customers can pay monthly at no additional charge, ALDI believes customers should not be penalised for managing their budget.
  • ALDI Insurance is about being there when something goes wrong.  All claims can be lodged 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

About ALDI Car Insurance:

  • When something goes wrong with a car, it can affect a customer’s whole lifestyle. That’s why car hire after theft or not-at-fault collisions are included on ALDI Insurance policies.
  • Automatically included policy benefits for emergency repairs up to $1,500.
  • New car? No worries. ALDI Car insurance offers new vehicle replacements for cars up to two years old, including demos.
  • Australians can trust the quality of ALDI Insurance with lifetime repair guarantee on all authorised repairs.

To learn more about ALDI Insurance please see here.