Dear ALDI Customers,

Grocery shopping has changed a lot in recent weeks, but I am writing to assure you that one thing will
never change at ALDI. Our commitment to providing our customers with the lowest prices, every day.

Food has always been more than a source of sustenance to us. For many Australians, the opportunity to
share food with friends and family has long been one of life’s greatest pleasures. Today, the importance
of food in our lives has taken on even greater meaning. In ALDI stores across the country, we are seeing
customers expand their shopping repertoire and many of us have been inspired to bake and create
dishes to share with others. Cooking with kindness, it seems, is back on the menu.

Despite these changing behaviours, we are acutely aware that many Australians are facing financial
uncertainty right now. Our promise to you is that ALDI will never be beaten on the price of your weekly
grocery shop.

As our regular customers know, for almost 20 years ALDI has been building long-term partnerships with
Australian primary producers and manufacturers. Our unique business model and these partnerships
allow us to provide high quality products at the lowest prices.

Last year, it was independently calculated1 that ALDI saves its Australian customers over $2.2 billion
every year, when compared to shopping at our major competitors. At a time when it matters most for
Australians, we will not waver on our commitment to keep our prices low and keep saving you money.

Across the country, you will have noticed the introduction of new ways of shopping at our stores.
It is part of our broader effort to introduce greater safety measures for our customers, employees and
business partners.

It is during this time of enormous change that I want to thank you for your continued support and trust
in ALDI. The patience, loyalty and kindness of our community of customers has never felt stronger than
it does today. It is sincerely appreciated.

Tom Daunt
CEO, ALDI Australia

A Letter To ALDI Customers From ALDI CEO