ALDI Australia has released a new report measuring the impact of its entry into Australia and its contribution to the economy.


Words from ALDI Australia's CEO, Tom Daunt

Tom Daunt, CEO of ALDI Australia shares his thoughts on ALDI’s journey in Australia and what’s next for the company.

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ALDI’s contribution in NSW

In 2018, ALDI contributed more than $1.24 billion to the NSW economy and supported 8,577 jobs in NSW.

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ALDI’s contribution in Victoria

Over the past 18 years, ALDI has operated 150 stores and two distribution centres in Victoria, providing 3,275 direct jobs.

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ALDI’s contribution in Queensland

ALDI’s investment in local business in the state totaled $186 million in 2018.

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ALDI’s contribution in South Australia

In its second year of operation in the state, ALDI contributed $168 million to the local economy.

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ALDI’s contribution in Western Australia

Since expanding in to Western Australia in 2016, ALDI now operates 41 stores and partners with local businesses to support over 1,200 jobs across the state.

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ALDI’s employees

We’re proud of the 12,565 employees across Australia.

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