ALDI welcomes a national campaign by the ACCC and state and territory consumer protection agencies to help grocery shoppers get the best value for money. The national education campaign aims to increase grocery shopper awareness and use of the unit prices.

In 2009, when the Unit Pricing Code was introduced, we were already displaying unit pricing in our stores, so the decision to become a founding signatory was easy.  Unit pricing informed our customers how much they are paying for a standard measurement in grams or litres so they can easily compare products on a like-for-like basis.

“As a market leader in the adoption and promotion of unit pricing, we strongly support the campaign to continue to inform Australian shoppers how to get the best value for money from every grocery trip,” said ALDI’s Managing Director of National Buying, Oliver Bongardt.

From day one of operations, our core differentiator in the market has been price. We have built a reputation for having the best priced groceries in Australia and we want our customers to clearly understand the savings that ALDI delivers to their weekly shop. Price leadership is one of our strongest competitive advantages and we can articulate this best through unit pricing.

“Our commitment to the lowest prices will never change- so if our customers can quickly make informed decisions and understand the savings ALDI delivers to their grocery shop, we will proudly continue to support unit pricing,” added Mr Bongardt.

For tips on how unit pricing can help save money when grocery shopping visit the ACCC’s website for more info. These fact sheets are available in 16 languages.