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Ho, Ho, Ho (Hi!)

ALDI Australia is set to launch its brand-new Curated Collection luxe Christmas range from October 27, featuring 21 premium products perfect for Christmas lunch, treats and foodie gifts.

Sourced from leading producers in Australia and around the world, the range is the most premium collection of festive products made available by ALDI Australia.

ALDI Shopping Expert, Kylie Warnke, says the new Curated Collection range brings a new level of indulgence and gifting to shoppers this Christmas, with ALDI excited to offer high-quality desserts and sweets at unbeatable value.

To help you become acquainted with the new range please enjoy our videos and tips below:

ALDI Shopping Expert, Kylie Warnke, says the new Curated Collection range is an exciting new step for ALDI Australia.

“We’re very proud to be releasing our most luxurious Christmas range ever, allowing more Australians to treat themselves and gift to their friends and family for a premium festive experience this year. These products were carefully developed and curated in partnership with Aussie suppliers and those abroad, bringing together decadent flavours at the highest quality available so shoppers can be confident when picking out their holiday gifts and menus,” says ALDI Shopping Expert, Kylie Warnke.

To truly embrace the Christmas spirit, here are a few standout products in the range that even a Grinch won’t be able to resist:

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Is it Christmas without a pudding? We’ve got two…

Luxury 10 month Vintage Pudding

Luxury 30 month Matured Pudding 907g

ALDI has two luxury vintage puddings on offer for Christmas this year.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without pudding and that’s exactly why ALDI have two in the Curated Collection range.

The 10-month matured pudding was finished in the Hunter Region in New South Wales, while the next level 30-month matured pudding from the UK is an absolute steal at only $19.99.

Kylie says: “Our 30-month matured pudding is definitely something extra decadent for our shoppers, and has been infused with rum, ruby port and the finest French Armagnac. We haven’t seen anything of this quality at this price point in Australia, and it really is the hero of this range.”

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A Christmas-list must have: All Butter Fruit Mince Pies 6pk

Made in the UK, these Luxury All Butter Fruit Mince Pies are made with an indulgent combination of brandy and cognac infused dried fruits.

If you’re after authentic British fruit mince pie this festive season, then look no further. These all-butter fruit mince pies are made with an indulgent combination of brandy and cognac infused dried vine fruits, apple puree, glace cherries, cranberries and candied mixed peel, encased in a luxuriously crumbly, shortcrust pastry and finished with a sugar dusting

Kylie says: “These fruit mince pies take the classic to the next level, and that’s because they have a luxury all-butter recipe. They’ll make for a showstopper on Christmas day! My tip would be to pair with custard or ice-cream and ALDI’s award-winning One Road South Australia & Heathcote Shiraz 2019.”

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Can’t go wrong with the Milk and Dark Salted Caramels 180g

ALDI scoured the world for the perfect Christmas caramels, and here they are!

An indulgent selection of milk and dark chocolate salted caramels from Ireland. The milk chocolate has a tasty soft caramel centre that is perfectly balanced with a hint of sea salt, while the dark chocolate also has that soft centre but the sweetness is set off with a sea salt and dark chocolate flavor.

Kylie says: “These caramels are perfect for gifting, but if you’re like me, they’re equally perfect to treat yourself with!”

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Pop these in the trolley: Luxury Fudge 150g

ALDI’s Luxury Christmas Fudge has 5 flavours – butter, clotted cream, gingerbread, salted caramel and Canadian maple

This delightful fudge was made in Yorkshire, UK. It is firm biting, slightly crumbly fudge and is cut into bite size pieces that delicately melt in your mouth. Simply irresistible! It comes in butter, clotted cream, gingerbread, salted caramel, and Canadian maple flavours.

Kylie says: “These are the perfect treat for sharing with loved ones and nibbling on during the festive period. They are also made to the perfect bite size pieces so would be kid-friendly.”

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Christmas Cakes for everyone

Christmas Fruit Cake 800g

Christmas Fruit Cake 200g

Iced Christmas Cake 900g

Christmas Cake Selection 9pk/740g

ALDI’s selection traditional fruit cake and iced Christmas cakes are available in different sizes for your convenience.

If you spend most of your year waiting for the release of Christmas cakes you won’t be disappointed. ALDI has four luxurious fruit cakes on the menu. There are small and larger options, as well as individual selections.

Kylie says: “Christmas cakes really are a festive centre piece for Christmas BBQs or a “wow” gift for family and friends. If you have a big family or you just love cake, this Luxury Christmas Fruit Cake is perfect at 800g for only $10.99.”

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Gifts for the ultimate Foodie

Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml

 Finishing Vinegar 250ml

Mediterranean Style Dukkah 100g

Looking for premium gifting for the foodie in your life? Look no further than this assortment of finishing vinegars, dukkah and Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Made from South Australian olives, ALDI have three different strengths in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil range, all with their own unique flavour. To pair with the olive oil we also have fantastic finishing vinegar and divine Mediterranean Dukkah.

Kylie says: “Not only are these products perfect for dressing those Summer salads or to roast veggies or use in marinades, they make for thoughtful gifts.

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Putting together the perfect platter

Sweet Crispbreads Assorted 150g

Australian Wild Olives 300g

Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts 400g


The Curated Collection range has a beautiful selection of savoury festive nibblies.

The Curated Collection range has a beautiful selection of savoury festive nibblies, and when these three products are paired together they are a winning combination.

Kylie says: “Many festive season gatherings are centered around food. Mix these sweetbreads, wild olives and mixed nuts with your favourite cheeses, meats and fruit and you’ve got yourself the perfect entertaining platter with a mix of sweet and savoury.”

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Welcoming the Handcrafted British Honeycomb 250g

ALDI’s beautiful, handcrafted British honeycomb comes in three delicious flavours.

Made in the UK, this crunchy chewy honeycomb has been hand dipped in milk chocolate. It comes in plain milk chocolate, popping candy and prosecco, and salted caramel.

Kylie says: “The popping candy and prosecco flavour adds an extra sugary crunch to the tasty honeycomb, and is a quirky flavour that everyone will want to try. What’s not to love!”

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Traditional sweet treats

Gourmet Soft Nougat 150g

Luxury Butterscotch 125g

ALDI’s Gourmet Soft Nougat and Luxury Butterscotch are perfect to gift to foodies.

Foodies will love these little sweet treats. Made locally in Australia, the Gourmet Soft Nougat is available in a mix of flavours – almond and pistachio, cranberry pistachio and cherry and pecan, fig and burnt caramel. The delicious butterscotch, which is made in the UK, are crisp and coated in Belgian chocolate.

Kylie says: “One of each of these products will make for the perfect little Christmas stocking stuffer, or a quick gift for an office Kris Kringle under $10.”

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Our traditional Scottish Shortbread Fingers 360g

Baked to perfection, hand finished shortbread fingers

Made in Scotland, these traditional all butter shortbread fingers are slow baked for a light and crumbly texture.

Kylie says: “With a diverse collection of the most luxe foods, treats and gifts available, Aussie customers can enjoy the feeling of opulence this Christmas without the usual price tag.”

ALDI Australia’s Curated Collection will be available from October 27 and throughout the lead up to Christmas.

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Caffeine cravings sorted: Specialty Coffee Beans 500g

Christmas has come early for coffee lovers with ALDI’s Specialty Coffee Beans

These beans come in two distinct flavours: The Festive Blend featuring sweet and rich creamy coffee from Columbia and Honduras and spicy fruit forward coffee from Indonesia; and the Indonesian Sumatra, a perfect example of a high-quality Sumatran coffee with rich and full body and higher sweetness.

Kylie says: “These Coffee Beans are another perfect stocking stuffer or festive gift for the people in your life that love a high-quality morning brew. Take it from me, it smells delicious.”

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Introducing the Luxury Wagyu Biltong 200g

ALDI’s Luxury Wagyu Biltong in made from Aussie Wagyu beef

The Wagyu biltong has been made from premium 100% Australian Beef Wagyu. The extra marbling qualities of the Wagyu beef add to the overall flavour.

Kylie says: “Beautifully presented in a premium gift box, ALDI’S Luxury Wagyu Biltong is the ideal gift for your favourite foodie. I think my husband will be getting one of these!”

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