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For non-ALDI shoppers, there can be a misconception that if you have specific dietary requirements, ALDI’s range won’t cater to your needs. You might be surprised to learn about some of the products ALDI does stock that many Australians with varying diets are including in their weekly shop.

Over the years, we’ve looked to increasingly cater to Australia’s changing nutritional landscape. We’ve noticed that with the rise of food tribes many shoppers are now more passionate than ever about their dietary choices, so we regularly adapt our range to suit these shifting tastes, preferences and dietary needs.

In the past 12 years, our Just Organic range has evolved from five staples to now encompass over 50 certified organic products. Similarly, our Has No range now features 20 gluten-free products and our Farmdale and Brooklea ranges have expanded to include lactose-free milk and yoghurt varieties. We also have a number of gluten free products beyond our Has No range, with Gluten Free clearly labelled on these products.

We thought we’d take a closer look at a few common diets to show that you can fill your trolley with quality ALDI products, no matter what your individual dietary requirements might be.

Plant-based menu

The days of family dinner consisting of ‘meat and three veg’ is a thing of the past for many Aussie households. Roy Morgan research shows that 2.25million Australians are now following a meat-free diet, with veganism and vegetarianism on the rise.

Australia is also playing a part in the growing international vegan movement. In fact, according to research by Euromonitor International, the Aussie vegan market is now the third fastest growing in the world.

It’s no surprise that we are conscious of this growing diet and now stock more than 230 vegan-friendly products and fresh produce to cater to those who don’t eat meat or animal products. With our entire every day range consisting of 1,600 products, there are plenty of options among these for vegans and vegetarians.

“Vegetarian and vegan products are definitely an increasing area of focus for us,” confirms ALDI Buying Director, Luke Iemma. “When it comes to meal planning, along with fresh produce and pantry staples, we’ve found vegan and vegetarian customers are really looking for good sources of plant-based protein and quality dairy alternatives at an affordable price.”

Popular plant-based products include our Simply Vegetarian Burgers and Sausages. This range also includes Falafel Bites and Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Bites. Other vegan-friendly go-to products include our Just Organic Firm Tofu, Oh So Natural Quinoa, Remano Tomato and Garlic Cous Cous, El Tora Salsa Dip, Just Organic Pasta sauces and Bakers Life Lower Carb High Protein Bread.

Another option for vegans looking to indulge in a sweet treat is our famous Moser Roth Dark Chocolate. The decadent chocolate has a cult following, however many shoppers would be surprised to learn that the Moser Roth Dark Chocolate 70%, Moser Roth Dark Chocolate 85% and Moser Roth Dark Sea Salt varieties are suitable for vegans. Our American Peanut Butter, Yoconut Coconut Yogurt and Ice Cream and Hillcrest Bubble Bars are also vegan friendly.

We also have a wide range of non-dairy milks such as our Inner Goodness Oat, Rice, Almond or Coconut Milks that are perfect additions to your morning smoothie or coffee.

Of course it’s not just vegans and vegetarians who are interested in plant-based eating. Adopting a part-time vegetarian diet based around a flexitarian or pescetarian philosophy works for many Aussies.

As the name suggests, flexitarians take a flexible dietary approach, whether that means partaking in the #MeatFreeMonday trend or consciously reducing their meat intake throughout the week. It’s a particularly healthy dietary choice, according to Accredited Practising Dietitian Melissa Meier from Honest Nutrition. “It’s not that eating meat or animal products is unhealthy, but so many of us don’t eat enough veggies which are so beneficial for our health. Simply including a few more plant-based meals throughout the week is a great way to boost your veggie intake, which provides gut-friendly fibre, disease-fighting antioxidants and a raft of vitamins and minerals,” Meier says.  Meanwhile, pescetarians forgo meat and poultry in favour of a plant-based diet supplemented by seafood. Our popular Ocean Royale Wild Raw Peeled Prawns and Almare Fresh Atlantic Salmon are both great seafood options for pescetarians.

Caveman cuisine

There’s been a lot of buzz about the paleo diet in recent years and University of Melbourne research into the Aussie paleo community reveals diet devotees span all demographics and walks of life.

While most of us have heard of paleo, many of us are still confused about what paleolithic-style eating actually entails. “One of the positives of the Paleo diet is that it advocates for reduced intake of refined sugar and discretionary processed foods – which as a population, we eat far too much of,” according to Meier. In a nutshell (nuts are allowed by the way!) going paleo basically means ditching dairy, grains, legumes, refined sugar and processed food in favour of a diet based around vegetables, lean meat, seafood, fruit and seeds.

Wander through our grocery aisles and you’ll find a number of ingredients paleo foodies like to cook with. Our selection of lean meats, cooked with our full range of fresh vegetables, means that our paleo friends never need to go without a filling and nutritious dinner.

With raw desserts and superfood smoothies a popular indulgence for paleo dieters, our Just Organic Coconut Oil and Oh So Natural Cacao Powder or Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder and Acai Powders can be bought every day from ALDI stores.

Check out this paleo-friendly Cauliflower Spiced Rice recipe, which is also a delicious option for anyone looking for a gluten-free side dish.

Wheat-free zone 

Around one in 10 Australians are now following a gluten-free diet and avoid wheat-based products. Has No is the go-to brand for gluten-free ALDI shoppers, featuring products from gluten free Corn Flakes to gluten free flour and gluten free chocolate chip biscuits. Our Has No range also includes a number of seasonal gluten-free Special Buys products. Gluten-free customers could also start their day with Goldenvale Gluten Free Muesli or refuel at snack time with Belmont Biscuit Co Flavoured Rice Cakes or Damora Rice Crackers. The Cake Stall Brownie Bites are a great gluten-free sweet treat to satisfy those 3pm cravings. While over in our fresh section, thin Australian-made sausages have a gluten free casing, making them a perfect option for a BBQ. “This increased availability of labelled gluten free products is particularly helpful for the one in 70 of us who has Coeliac Disease – a serious condition whereby the body reacts abnormally to the protein gluten, which can lead to serious health consequences over time”, adds Meier.

Latest low-carb trend 

Just like fashion, diets also experience trends and there’s definitely a lot of buzz about the ketogenic diet at the moment. Usually adopted for short-term weight loss, the ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet is low-carb and is designed to induce a metabolic state of ketosis, where your body burns fat for energy. Like paleo, the keto diet eschews grains, legumes and refined sugar, however one of the key differences is the strict low carbohydrate content required to induce ketosis in a person following this diet. ALDI has a wide range of delicious cheeses perfect for adding some extra flavour to a keto meal plan, such as our Emporium Selection Club Cheddar or Emporium Selection Danish Style Feta. Eggs are also a keto diet staple, so you can’t forget this essential on your next shop!

Organic options 

While eating organic isn’t strictly a diet, more Australians are now choosing to adopt an organic lifestyle. As such, we’ve evolved our Just Organic range to include certified organic products that might even surprise you, from Just Organic Brie to Just Organic Yogurt and Just Organic Pasta. We even have Just Organic Baked Beans! A recent addition to our range is Just Organic Kombucha, a probiotic-rich fermented green tea beverage that comes in Ginger Lemon and Raspberry Lemon flavours. Interestingly, Nielsen figures also reveal the number of Aussies drinking Kombucha has grown by a whopping 700% over the last two years.

Whether you’re on the search for meat-free alternatives, looking to add delicious gluten free products to your pantry, or prefer to shop organic, ALDI has your grocery list covered. Head to your local store to see what other surprises you might find!