Here’s a question for you: Do you feel like you’re getting value out of your loyalty scheme memberships?

We don’t mean to presume, but, statistically speaking, there’s a very good chance you are a member of at least one of the many schemes whose plastic cards now spill out of our wallets. In 2016, the Australian Privacy Commission reported that nearly 9 out of 10 Australians are members of a loyalty scheme. That’s massive.

But back to our question. If you answered ‘no,’ you’re definitely not alone. Lots of shoppers feel the same way and suspect—correctly in our humble, anti-loyalty-scheme opinion—that when it comes to these things the house always wins. And yet consumers sign up anyway.


Many confess to signing up for yet another bit of plastic because they’re already customers and figure, ‘why not?’ It’s hard to argue with that logic, but get this. Research consistently shows that loyalty scheme members spend more than non-members. And, in general, they’re poorly rewarded. If you’re not convinced, take a look at our Pointless Points Calculator. Fancy a free hairdryer? Be prepared to spend in excess of $28,000.

And did we mention data? Loyalty schemes are often used to harvest huge amounts of personal data from customers who don’t read the fine print. You may not have a problem with your supermarket knowing how much you spend with them every Saturday, or even which apples you prefer. But how do you like the idea of your data being shared with or sold to third parties?

We think points are pointless. We think loyalty schemes are a waste of time.

And we think the only ‘reward’ that matters is everyday low prices.

We work hard to bring Aussie shoppers products that are better value than those offered by big brands without compromising on quality. We’re able to do this by offering a limited yet carefully selected product range, working closely with our suppliers—the vast majority of which are Australian, by the way—and maximising efficiencies across our business (yes, packing your own bags saves you money!)

See, at ALDI, we’re committed to providing shoppers with the best products at the best prices. No tricks. No gimmicks. And best of all, no plastic cards.