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ALDI’s ever-popular traditional decorations and Lemax Christmas figurines are back! On sale Wednesday 13th November, the range is full of festive decorations that promise to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to your place this year, and for many to come.

These Special Buys feature everything from traditional Christmas scenes to delightful figurines. There’s even a toy train set that will look great under the tree, and the kids will love the Disney collection and our musical plush toys. You might even start your own Christmas tradition. Get everyone to pitch in to create a magical Christmas display using the figurines and scenes.

Boasting characteristic ALDI quality and offering great value for money, you can stock up on our Christmas ornaments and figurines guilt-free this season knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy your new decorations again and again.

Lemax Christmas Musical Village Scenes 

Bring a winter wonderland vibe to your place with these traditional village Christmas scenes.

Lemax Christmas Carnival Scenes 

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas look with a Carousel or a Giant Wheel.

Lemax Christmas Figurines 

Get creative and make your own Christmas display with these charming figurines that hark back to Christmases of yesteryear.

Lemax Christmas Façade Scenes 

Perfect for when space is at a premium, these scenes are well suited to sideboards, bench tops and bookcases.

Collectable Decorations 

You don’t get much more Christmassy than a snow globe. The miniature carousel and Ferris Wheel are cute, too.

Interactive Animated Musical Plush 

Choose from Santa, Rudolph an Elf or a Penguin. These cute characters happily perform solo or collect them all and form your own band.

Santa Express Train Set 45 piece 

Nothing dials up the Christmas factor quite like a train chugging round and round under the tree.

Extendable Christmas Plush 

These cute Christmas characters boast a unique feature that’s sure to delight young and old—really long, extendable legs.

Disney Musical Characters 

If there’s a Disney fan in your house you’ll need to check out these musical characters. There’s everyone from Donald to Mickey to choose from.

Disney or Marvel Advent Calendar Collection 

Kick off Christmas with advent calendars the kids will love. Choose from Disney’s musical characters or Marvel.