Is there any better comfort food than delicious steamy dumplings? Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy snack, or a hearty dinner, dumplings are a versatile staple you can add to your menu any night of the week. Simply dipped in soy sauce, or thrown in a soup with noodles and veggies, ALDI’s Urban Eats® dumpling range should take pride of place in every freezer.

Prices start from $8.99 per pack, equivalent to just 25c per prawn gyoza and 23c per chicken dumpling!

Check out the full Urban Eats® dumpling range below:


NEW Urban Eats® Classic Chicken Dumplings 750g $8.99

(Limited time only)

Succulent chicken wrapped in a light dumpling pastry






Urban Eats® Prawn Gyoza 750g $8.99

Succulent prawn pieces with vegetables wrapped in a light dumpling pastry. Steam, pan fry or microwave







Urban Eats® Pork Dumplings 750g $8.99

Succulent pork wrapped in a light dumpling pastry







Urban Eats® Soup Dumplings 500g $8.99

Pork filling encased in a delicate wheat pastry and formed to a bun shape







Urban Eats® Family Dumpling Pack 625g 20pk $10.99

A selection of different flavours – prawn and scallop, ginger prawn, prawn hargow and shiitake mushroom dumplings







NEW Urban Eats® Beef Dumplings 750g $8.99

(Limited time only)

Delicious beef wrapped in a light dumpling pastry






Urban Eats® Vegetable Gyoza 750g $8.99

Delicately wrapped dumplings, absolutely brimming with a flavour-packed medley of only the finest fresh vegetables







Urban Eats® Prawn Hargow 700g $10.99

Prawn hargow dumplings with separate sauce sachet






If you’re looking for something to accompany your dumplings, why not consider…


NEW Urban Eats® Chicken Green Curry Spring Rolls 300g 6pk $4.99

(Limited time only)

Crispy pastry rolls filled with chicken and aromatic green curry sauce made with coconut cream






NEW Urban Eats® Spring Rolls 300g 6pk Cheeseburger $4.99

(Limited time only)

Crispy pastry rolls filled with beef mince, cheese, tomato sauce, pickles and mustard sauce






Urban Eats® Cocktail Spring Rolls 1kg 60pk $5.29

Delicious vegetable filled crispy pastry rolls







Urban Eats® Bao Buns 256g 8pk $3.69

Light and fluffy steamed buns






Stuck for recipe inspiration or some quick tips to make sure you’re cooking your dumplings to perfection? We’ve got you covered, with all the high quality, great value ingredients available at your local ALDI store.

Dumpling and noodle soup

Soup with dumplings