Comments by Robert Eichfeld, Store Operations Director, ALDI Australia

To provide our customers with quick and convenient ways to shop and to drive business efficiencies, this week we commenced a Self-Checkout trial in Darlinghurst. This is the first store to have received the technology and nine other stores in NSW set to follow in the coming months.

Anecdotal feedback from the first day of the trial was overwhelmingly positive with more than half of our customers opting to use the new Self-Checkouts. Shoppers also commented that they enjoyed the choice and appreciated the convenience of having a quick and easy option when only shopping for a few items.

Since Self-Checkouts entered the Australian grocery sector we’ve been watching with keen interest the convenience they provide customers as well as the value and efficiencies they drive for business.

We anticipate the trial will appeal to our regulars as well as attract new customers, who are purchasing only a few items at a time – and we’ll also be introducing ALDI baskets in all trial stores to aid these small and quick shops.

This technology will require store employees to assist, support and monitor customers’ use of self-checkouts and assist with any issues, rather than working on the register. It will also provide them with more time to focus on creating a quality experience by keeping fresh produce and general stock available and the store clean and well presented.

We are not first to market with our self-checkout offering, rather we are well known for taking our time to make carefully considered business decisions to ensure we never compromise on our low-cost business model. This allows us to consistently provide our customers with high quality groceries at incredibly low prices.

After carefully assessing and considering the trial results, there is potential that Self-Checkouts will be rolled out to more ALDI stores nationally.