ALDI Australia is this year’s recipient of two important sustainable seafood awards, having received ASC’s Best Responsible Seafood Supermarket and ASC’s Aquaculture Champion for 2024 at the MSC and ASC Sustainable Seafood Awards.

These awards recognise people and organisations that work to help MSC and ASC’s mission to advance responsible fish farming and sustainable fishing practices. ALDI aims to ensure every Australian can access sustainable seafood options at affordable prices, and these awards are further proof that ALDI’s great prices do not come at the expense of quality and sustainability initiatives. 

“It’s fantastic to receive recognition from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council for our ASC labelled products and commitment to responsible sourcing. To be awarded the Best Retailer award as well as the Aquaculture Champion award reflects the effort and dedication of our team towards making a good difference throughout our entire supply chain while also providing the highest quality products to our customers,” says Daniel Baker, ALDI’s National Sustainability Director.

ALDI received the ASC Best Retailer awarded based on a comprehensive sustainable sourcing policy, ASC labelled portfolio and the continued support and promotion of ASC messaging. The ASC Aquaculture Champion recognises ALDI for our wide range of everyday affordable and accessible ASC-labelled products and continued commitment to ocean health.

“The global transition to responsible aquaculture is being led by those that are both innovative and committed. Without companies such as ALDI sending powerful market signals to producers, the ASC would find its task so much more challenging,” says Duncan Leadbitter, ASC Commercial Manager – Australia and New Zealand.

This announcement comes as Sustainable Seafood Week kicks off in Australia this week. During 18-22 March 2024, customers can help make a good difference by purchasing seafood with the green ASC, blue MSC or ALDI’s Responsibly Sourced labels available across a selection of fresh, frozen, and canned products in store. This supports the MSC and ASC’s mission to ensure we have fish forever through responsible fish farming and sustainable fishing practices.

“All of ALDI’s exclusive label products in our seafood range are responsibly sourced and we are delighted to continue our work closely with industry bodies to ensure our products meet standards for sustainable fishing. Every customer that walks through ALDI’s doors can be rest assured that by saving money at the checkout on ALDI’s high quality products that they can ultimately also make a good difference for both people and the planet simultaneously,” Mr Baker concluded. 

ALDI continues to work closely with third party certifiers to improve product traceability and support its responsible sourcing policies. Learn more about ALDI’s 100% Responsibly Sourced Seafood commitment at: