This week, ALDI surprised Brisbane foodie Emily Webster (@emilyclairwebster) with an offer to become ALDI’s first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer. (Spoiler alert: she accepted with a far from frosty “YES!”). The first role in her official capacity, Emily will pen ALDI’s first ever food review column in its famous national catalogue and will taste-test brand new products ahead of the rest of the country.

Both new and devoted ALDI shoppers alike can understand that choosing a favourite ALDI product is not always a simple task. With Emily’s social media reviews on ALDI’s frozen goods being both ice-citing and oh-so-refreshing, she’ll now bring customers from all over the country her official hot takes on ALDI’s coldest treats.

Proving her dedication to ALDI’s frozen aisle of dreams, Emily has previously painstakingly taste-tested and ranked 19 ALDI ice-creams with honest reviews from ‘‘nostalgic’ to ‘absolutely delightful’ and ‘the biggest surprise that hits different’. She also has demonstrated skills in reviewing savory goods, conducting a thorough examination of ALDI’s wide range of pizzas with the International Cuisine Peperoni Thin Crust pizza coming out on top.

Emily took to social media to celebrate her special offer: “I’m thrilled to be chosen as ALDI Australia’s first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer! I’m so ALDIcore, so this is truly a dream come true.”

An ALDI spokesperson says: “Emily’s candid insights and genuine passion for ALDI’s frozen offerings captured our attention, and we’re really excited to welcome Emily as our first-ever Chief Frozen Food Reviewer.

“Eating and recommending our most creamy ice-creams, topping-filled pizzas and soul-warming dinner meals from our frozen section will be a tough job, but we trust Emily is up to the task. We simply love seeing and hearing our customers’ enthusiasm and passion for our products, and we think Emily’s reviews in her very own ALDI catalogue column will be appreciated by other eager shoppers across the nation.”

Before her highly anticipated catalogue review column is released next month, here are some of Emily’s top-rated freezer items:

  • Farmwood Chicken Crackles (Chipotle and Lime), $4.99
    “These chipotle and lime chicken crackles are so tasty!” says Emily.
  • Heath & Vitality Chinese Style Chicken and Cashew, $2.49
    “This Health & Vitality Chicken and Cashew is under 300 calories and is so quick and easy,” says Emily.
  • Market Fare Broccoli Bake, $6.99
    “This broccoli bake (and the cauliflower bake) make an amazing side dish,” says Emily.