ALDI Australia has today confirmed that it will be extending the collection of a 10 cents milk levy.

“The levy, which has been in place since March 2019, sees ALDI collecting and passing on in full, 10 cents per litre on all 2-litre and 3-litre fresh milk products sold.  ALDI has already collected and passed on more than $11.7 million to Australian dairy farmers.

ALDI has made this decision to ensure we support a strong and sustainable Australian dairy industry while we wait for systemic change.  The findings and recommendations from the 2018 ACCC Dairy Inquiry were clear and as we wait for them to be rolled out, we are happy to support the Government and dairy industry more generally on short term measures that lead to the ongoing sustainability of the industry.

ALDI supports the work of Minister Littleproud as he looks to address issues raised within parts of Australia’s dairy industry.  We are hopeful that we will see changes implemented by the Government shortly, which will remove the requirement for a levy and allow regular market dynamics to return.”

The extension will be reviewed at the beginning of September, which aligns with the Q2 spring milk price reset.

Comments from: Oliver Bongardt, Managing Director of Buying, ALDI Australia.