When it comes to the weekly grocery shop, knowing you are making the best choices possible for your health and that of your family’s can sometimes be a daunting task. To make your next shop less complicated, and more health focused, we have launched our Healthy Picks app.

Developed in partnership with The George Institute for Global Health, the app allows users to scan the barcode of any ALDI product* while they shop. Once an item has been scanned, it will display the nutrition information of the product and guide the user to understand the amount of energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium.

Clare Farrand, Public Health Nutritionist at The George Institute said that while we know fresh is best, choosing healthier packaged products isn’t always as easy.

“We have developed the Healthy Picks app for ALDI to support their shoppers to make more informed choices. The app displays nutrition information for every packaged food and drink product as either a Health Star Rating or Traffic Light Label, to give simple, easy to understand information about the healthiness of each product. From there shoppers can decide if they want to buy it, or switch to an alternative” she said.

If you decide you want an alternative option in your trolley, the app will recommend a product in the same or similar category which could be considered a healthier option based on its Health Star Rating. If you are looking to cut down on either sugar, salt or fat – or a combination of these – the Traffic Light Label will help give you options with less or more of what you want. This allows users to make an informed decision about what to buy. For shoppers seeking vegetarian alternatives, the app uses a green side bar to indicate which products are suitable.

The launch of the app comes in light of our expanding range of health foods, with plans for new products in our Oh So Natural range and healthier snack options for kids being introduced in the coming months.

The Healthy Picks app is available to download free of charge now. Head over to the App Store if you are an iPhone user, or Google Play for Android Smartphones, and search Healthy Picks.

For more information on Healthy Picks, click here.

* Fresh products not included